We like to do things slowly, segment by segment, chapter by chapter. Meticulously...It takes usually some good amount of time before seeing the final product to but I think it worth the wait. Even so we could go faster, put something out there quickly enough for you to watch but that’s not us. Straight away! However, this process of meditation is needed. That’s why we enjoy travel and this life of meditation.

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Our latest magazine Journal De Bord volume 4 will release with a limited tee shirt on the 25.07 @ Le Perchoir in Paris..


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We always like to put the best in every single act we are doing. From the first publication of our magazine, the graphics…We are systematically focus on the investigation of brand new material to study on…It never stop. Well, it should not, right. Since the beginning, you must know that details fucking matters. That’s the fucking point. We love it, that special feeling when your eyes capture all things around, none shall pass.

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Detail. J - 4 before the official release of our latest magazine, Journal De Bord at Le Perchoir, in Paris - July 25.

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