We like to do things slowly, segment by segment, chapter by chapter. Meticulously...It takes usually some good amount of time before seeing the final product to but I think it worth the wait. Even so we could go faster, put something out there quickly enough for you to watch but that’s not us. Straight away! However, this process of meditation is needed. That’s why we enjoy travel and this life of meditation.


█ - Je profite rapidement | Bertrand Trichet…

I Don’t Have The Same Quality Time As Before To Post Stuff..Maybe I’m Bored Or Not Motivated At All. I Don’t Know But Hey That’s Not Very Important. If You Remember - Just Look Below - I’ve Talked About A Nice Dvd / Book : “Format Perspective" ..Well, I Finally Put My Hand On It 2 Weeks Ago At Work.Then Watched It. And I Got To Say That I’m Quite Surprised. First Of All The Product Itself , You Have The Book And Dvd In The Same Box . For A Decent Price, What ?!?! That Shit Is Fucking Raw -

Bertrand Trichet

Then All 5 Documentaries Are Interesting But The Work Of Bertrand Trichet Caught My Eyes More Than The Other One..Then You Just Wished That They Added More Minutes. But Hey, You Have Some Extra Footage At The End, For All The Thirsty Minds -

Bertrand Trichet

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